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If you go through an encryption process like a VPN, I may not be able to read the contents of the packets, but I will be able to notice a pattern (especially if this is an 8775 assigned 8776 computer to you), and would be able to install either keystroke recording or screen capture software. Combine that with the evidence I already have (log in logs, security cameras, etc.), and I have all I need to get your privileges revoked or employment terminated.

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You can create your own proxy website. What you need to have for this purpose is a web server. By creating your own proxy website at your own server, you can easily unblock any blocked site and get access of it from office, school or college. Follow this video tutorial by Amit Agarwal which will guide you through how to create your own proxy server. Here, you can learn how to use Google App Engine to create a proxy website in case you do not have any personal web server. Just follow the video tutorial to create & run your own proxy by making use of Google App Engine.

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It took only two mins for me to test this out and the answer is YES, two people can be logged into same Facebook account from two different computers, either on lan or anywhere in the world !

Search webstore on google, open it, search VPN , download the extension with blue background and a shield shape in the middle with a smile face on it. I assume you`re from the United States so on the right top side, next to where you write websites and whatnot you`ll see a gray shield shape, click on it then press CONNECT. Voilla, u can now go on any wesbsites u want

Not in the simple way but using some technical tricks you can bypass or cheat the firewall and get on Facebook When it 8767 s blocked. Due to availability of several tutorials to access blocked Facebook, the admins try to include different types of blocking system.

I tried all of these methods and failed can someone that knows what they are doing tell me because im tired of trying all these useless methods if its not going to work then why bother even posting it what since does that make

Say you change the DNS. OK, well, if the school/office (I will pretend to be them for these examples out of simplicity) has their own domain controller that hosts the OpenDNS, then I would already have a listing of all machines and where they hit the switches. If the machine doesn 8767 t report in to the DNS but is on the domain and on, then I already know something fishy is up.

I was on Facebook writing message to a friend and suddenly the message completed itself with something that looked like it was copy and pasted. I think someone was in my account at same time as myself as I didn 8767 t write this msg. There 8767 s also other strange things happened on fb like this. I no longer have fb due to this. My point is yea 7 people can be on same account at same time.

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I can also run a packet sniffer, which will tell me where the data is going and where it 8767 s being routed to on any of the switches. Since 8775 private browsing 8776 doesn 8767 t encrypt anything but only deletes local content I can parse through the packets, match the port on the switch that corresponds to your location and verify your log into that station with Active Directory (or it 8767 s equivalents on Unix/Linux boxes). Got you there.

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