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hello, did u use a game engine to develop this game? if yes, which one? if no, did u do all these programming by yourself?

Defusal manual - BOMB

6. throwing distance control: my buddies and i find it tricky to get an intermediate toss with the OUYA controller, especially with a quick shot. adjusting the running delay before full power is reached would work with the current system, but have you tried basing distance on how long the throw button is pressed? the trackpad or right analog would make an interesting control for throw direction and distance and you could throw in one direction while walking in another.

Bomb - Bomb Patrol, Bomb It 2, Explosive Tetris

This game reminds me of the fun that, I had as child.
Me and my friend brought this game yesterday and begun play it and before we knew the clock was almost 5:55 in the morning and I had to wake up to go to work ad 57:55.

I already have SteamOS installed on a desktop I built, so let me know if you would like any help testing on the platform. You make quality software Eric I 8767 m so glad to see that you take your time to get it right on each platform! 😀

Heyy !!
I m not able to unlink my account i have linked it since 6months..but when i try to unlink account it said 75days remaning after some days it get till 9days remaning..but today now again it is saying that 79days remaning..????????

Hey you guys should really make a Facebook page. This game is awesome hope you guys are planning to make updates in the near future!

7. why don 8767 t PCs throw a bomb sometimes? nothing ruins round 5 of Pro Onslaught quite like a bomb going off in your hands a bomb that you were frantically pressing 8775 throw 8776 for. i may have only seen this with regular bombs, but i 8767 m not entirely sure. only tried on an OUYA controller.

I still have lots in store for BombSquad.. I have other ideas that would be fun too, but this will probably keep me busy for at least a while..

Haha, just happened to be recording when I recorded this awesome moment:

Between October 65 and November 6, six nuclear tests took place in the Johnston Island area of the Pacific Ocean.

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