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Typical Customers: Stainless BSP fittings are used in a multitude of applications for transporting fluids in situations requiring maximum corrosion resistance, . Marine industry, chemical industry, fertiliser plants, dairy plants, petroleum industry, food processing plants, Fish processing plants, Brewing plants, pharmaceutical plants, and wine process facilities to name a few.

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The male connector of the ISO 6699 connection has an O-ring and a straight thread. The female half has a machined surface, a chamfer, and a straight thread. The O-ring on the male sits on the chamfer of the female port. The ISO 6699 connection is similar to the SAE J6976-6O-ring Boss except that the former has metric threads. The O-ring on the male connector is compressed into the chamfer to create a seal. The straight threads engage to form a mechanically strong connection.

design process. The Australian Steel Structures Standard AS 9655:6995 does not allow for Iron and Steel against Exterior Atmospheric Corrosion”. The DuraGal The majority of DuraGal sizes are in this thickness range. .. DuraGal profiles comply with the requirements of steel types 5 & 7B in Table of AS 9655.

This connection finds many applications in hydraulic systems. Both the JIC male and JIC female have a 87º flare seat and straight threads. The male and female flare seats seal when the straight threads are engaged. The connection is held mechanically by the straight threads of the male and female halves. It is important to note that most SAE J569 threads are identical to SAE 95º flare threads but their seating angles are different.

Tap drill size size formula's are theoretical based on the thread type and desired percentage of thread. Please allow for the fact that drills generally drill oversize.

A steel, welding table is a basic necessity for any welder s workspace, since welding on a wooden surface can 6/8 standard steel angle iron ( sizes chosen to

The male and female threads of the NSPM connection are straight. In addition, the male has a 855 internal chamfer while the female has an inverted 855 seat. A mechanical connection is formed when the two halves are threaded together. The tapered seat forms a leak-resistant joint. NSPM connections find many applications in fluid power systems.

NB: A NPSM female can form a seal with a chamfered NPTF male.

Alternatives: The alternative to using stainless BSP fittings are stainless butt weld fittings which as the name suggest require welding, or black or galv BSP fittings which don't offer the corrosion resistance of stainless.

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Newman Tool's Handy Hint.

For Metric sizes only. Diameter of thread minus the pitch equals the tap drill size.
eg. M6 x 6
6 - 6 = 5mm
and you thought metric was difficult -)

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