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Dear AK,
Thanks for concluding this debate, I humbly appreciate your comments at last, 8775 I do not want to add to the heat. 8776
Hope to find some more additions to my understanding about film-music.

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i rate kishore 8767 s 8775 mere naina sawan bhado 8775 ,mana des 8776 pucho na kaise maine rain bitaye 8776 yesdas 8776 tu jo mere sur e 8776 above o duniya ke rakhwale. o duniya ke rakhawale is an ordinary song and rafis voice cracked in it. besides kishore never refused singing 8776 nafrat ki duniya ko 8776 as payarelal said that the song was always composed with rafi in ind and was offered to rafi in only. yes kishore did recomend rafis nae for 8776 wada tera wada 8776 and 8776 salame ishq eri jaan 8776 high pitch is not the criterion for singers. a good range is a criterion. ere naina sawan bhado and paayal wali dekh na , ere dildar ka bankpan, muze prem ka rog laga are worth listeening.
to feel the magic of kishore listen to a very humable patriotic song 8775 hu hai hindostake sundar aasma ke hu anmol sitatre hai 8776 . he tone tiber elevates the song to a lilting song as adorable as a roantic song.

I have always loved Mohd Rafi and also Kishore Kumar. I never had a radio in my years. Recently i started downloading songs of both from the internet. After some time I noticed that in the case of Mohd Rafi, even songs which i did not use to think much of earlier, on hearing now, i wanted to download and keep them for listening to again. On the other hand, in the case of Kishore Kumar even with songs that had been very popular and i had admired earlier, i was passing over now thinking in my mind kuchh khaas nahi hai. Secondly, there are many many Rafi songs that you can listen to the whole day, repeating the same song over and over again, but i do not think there are even a handful of such Kishore Kumar songs. After listening to two or three times you want to change the song.

Dear Sir,
I truely agree the views of Salilda.
It is true that Rafi 8767 s comparison with Kishore is not at all possible being the fact that Rafi was a complete institution & can not be compared with a mediocre singer.
However, Kishore was good in his mimited range for Rajesh Khann, Amitabh and Dev Anand

agreed, Udit Narayan is infact in Rafi school. Although he has a different voice, slightly heavy, but style and expressions are Rafi inspired. But he is more original than any singer of his generation

One great article but full points to the music lover friends who have commented straight from their hearts.. Kishore was really good and did dominate 75s but Rafi is supreme.. comparison to Rafi is somewhat my soul would not accept.

Kishore Kumar songs are still so refreshing and youthful and will always remain so in the years to come.. Hence its time to say goodbye to the topic and acknowledge the fact.. Kishore can not be matched..He is and will always remain the No. One

I started reading this article with a lot of interst but unfortunately within a minute I realised that it is written by a Kishore fan. Well, the rest is understood. This is total crap and I don 8767 t want to waste my time and energy in criticising this article. All the best to the writer.

And of course, when I 8767 m writing this, I mean it as I have heard almost all the songs sang by these two legends (released, unreleased,filmy non-filmy)

I don 8767 t think that other singers including Manna de could have sung 8766 o duniyan ke rakhwale 8767 the way Rafi has sung this song. No other singer was as good as Rafi at high notes. Quality and range of Rafi Sahab 8767 s voice was unmathed. I have heared Manna De saying that he wanted to sing his uncle KC day 8767 s composition 8766 Radhike tune bansri churayi 8767 , but when he heard the song in Rafi 8767 s voice, he realised that he could not sing this song better than Rafi. Manna did not have the voice quality of Rafi. Where as Rafi had both- a superb quality of voice and 8766 sur 8767 .

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